Hay guiz this ma nu boyfy

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oooft i would actually go for this right now

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Hams & Glutes 😘

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In the left I was bigger than my starting weight… about 230lbs I think… in the second about 154lbs… YAY ME! :D

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For those who are completely against anti-“push yourself” motivational quotes.

From The New Rules of Lifting.


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My face being excited after the gym yesterday. (first time since my bronchitis.)
My legs are weeping, literally tears running down my calves and I am quite literally hobbling everywhere.
I definitely definitely should have had a cold shower what a silly gal.


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Goals for 2k14: 90s teen movie insults.

Goals: use this line this week
Hold me to it everyone k?

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Anonymous asked: Are you a vegan blog?

No sorry!
I mean I follow a few and find the lifestyle interesting but I don’t think it’s something that would work for me.
I am interested in becoming a vegetarian though, but living at college and having meals catered is great only the veg options are very limited.

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Anonymous asked: Are you a freshman in college?


Nope, a sophomore. I’m just young for my grade. I turn 20 next month!

Try being a 19 year old senior haha! There are a LOT of freshmen way way older than me. shreddedtopanga

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stuff like this coming up on my dash will never ever get old

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