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mayibefit asked: Hi! I'm 15 and totally unhappy with my body. I put on a lot of weight recently and it's damaged my confidence pretty badly. Would you say working out 6 times a week while eating 1200 calories a day is overdoing it? I feel completely ready to take that on but I don't know

I would take at least one or two rest days and dont overly restrict. Instead try cutting high energy dense foods - stick to proteins and veg and get your sugars from fruit. If you really struggle with feelings of guilt on your days off then do some low intensity body weight exercises or go for a walk. It is important to listen to your body and give your muscles recovery time - too hard too fast and you could injure yourself and have to take a longer break.
Also stick to it, results will initially be slow but dont be disheartened - concentrate on things you enjoy about exercise (for example the endorphin mood boost afterwards!)


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Raw Vegan Cherry Chia Tart
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Prepping some cheeky juicy berries for dessert.


I dream body right there

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1. Too big and unhappy. 2. Thin, unhealthy and still feeling too big and unhappy. 3. Strong, getting stronger and the happiest I’ve ever been.

(ft. chubby knees)

Heck yess:)

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Of course (x)

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Anonymous asked: hey you live in chicago?



no it just says ‘chicagoland’ on my blog because i actually live in antarctica


They only have polar bears in the arctic hahaha :)

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Well deserved break

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